Colorful Murals And Outdoor Interventions Make Spanish Street Artist A Global Icon

Now here’s a street artist who literally plays with geometric structures and vibrant colors, so much so, that it has become his signature style. This amazing artist is Okuda San Miguel, who was born in Santander, Spain and now lives and works in Madrid, Spain.

It’s Miguel’s distinctive style of geometric architecture and color choice that makes his murals stand out from a distance. Having earned his Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from Complutense University of Madrid, Spain, he completely immersed himself into street art, giving it a breath of fresh air with his unique style. His geometric structures and patterns can be seen on the buildings, railroads, abandoned factories and in whichever spaces he could lay his hands on.

As Miguel’s street art propagated, so did his fame. Today, he’s one of the most recognizable street artists in the world, who is highly sought after for large scale projects. His one such work was done on Kaos Temple, an abandoned Spanish church, which has now become an icon of contemporary art.

A global celebrity, Miguel’s murals adorn cities around the world, such as Stockholm, Sweden; Moscow, Russia; Panjim, India; Lodz, Poland; Edmonton, Canada, Laguna Beach, USA; and many more. In addition, his outdoor interventions can be found in cities like Tulum, Mexico; Havana, Cuba; Lima, Peru; Miami, USA; Hamburg, Germany; and many more. Besides, he has also displayed his works in art festivals in Aieli, Italy; Hong Kong, China; Papeete, Tahiti; Jacksonville, USA; among others.

In addition to his outdoor work, Miguel has also opened a fine art studio. His works here are not limited only to canvas and paper, but also inculcate embroidery, wood, and collage. His insatiable hunger for creativity is evident in all his works. Graffiti has been his main source of inspiration, but certain artists, such as El Bosco, Picasso, Warhol, Dali, Murakami, Magritte, and Ernst, among others, have also inspired his works.

On his website, Miguel speaks about his motivation, thus, “The two key principles that rule both my professional and my personal life are positivism and a constant desire for self-improvement. My passion to create is what drives me; I need to create in order to feel happy and fulfilled….”

Miguel’s artwork not only delights viewers across the world but is also popular on the internet. On Instagram alone, his works have been viewed by over 290,000 eager fans and counting.

Okuda San Miguel: Website | Instagram

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