Pottery Artist Spreads Cheer By Giving Human Touch To Her Ceramic Planters

This pottery-maker introduces her studio as ‘a very small one-woman pottery studio in Burlington in Ontario, Canada’ on her Instagram page and on other websites. She’s Abby Ozaltug, who handcrafts ‘feel good’ ceramic planters that not only brighten up homes but also become collectors’ items. According to her, these are true heirlooms that can be passed down to generations.

Abby uses the finest quality porcelain clay and other materials to produce her exquisite ceramic artworks. It’s her magical hands that transform the clay into various shapes. Her signature designs on all her pottery pieces are smiling faces, some even with arms and legs. One such cute piece is the hanging planter, Maya, that possesses a sweet happy face and a tiny swing. It has been handcrafted from speckled stoneware clay sheets dipped in white satin glaze and burned to high temperature.

What gives a unique feel to Abby’s planters are the facial expressions that she imparts to them, what with the painted eyes and smiles. To make them more personalized, she even gives them distinct names, such as Maya, mentioned above, Luna and Mona. Her planters are ideal for holding succulents or medium-sized plants.

In addition to planters, she also creates a wide range of handcrafted products that range from decorative wall hangings to kitchen tools to chess sets. Some of her outstanding works include ceramic incense burner, which is a tiny house-shaped incense holder designed for meditation, chimes made of high-quality porcelain clay, and a flower vase, inspired by the birch trees in the Bronte Creek Forest.

Like other potters, Abby follows distinct steps to create her ceramic products. She first forms the pot on the wheel and hand-builds using coils and slabs of high-quality porcelain clay. After trimming and refining her pot, she puts it out to dry in the sun. Once the pot is completely dry, she fires it in the kiln. For glazing, she puts it in the glazing kiln. It takes a couple of days to cool, once it does the product is ready.

Abby believes that objects made with love, care, and good materials bring those qualities with them wherever they go and good design increases the quality of life. Her one-of-a-kind pottery is popular on the internet and can be bought from her Etsy shop. So, if you want to infuse cheer into your home, buy your planter on CeramicSense.

CeramicSense: Etsy Shop | Website | Instagram

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