Pet Surprises Owner With A Scary Face

It would seem that the ability to make a scary face is limited only to humans, but you can be so wrong! This was adequately proved by a cute little 11-week old pit bull puppy, named Doobie. When Kaycee Marie, a school student, received Doobie as a pet, she was beside herself with joy.

Image: BothwellKaycee/Twitter

A pup was what she had always wanted. On the day she received Doobie, she was dressed in her best to attend her school prom. She thought it a good idea to take a nice selfie of Doobie with herself to show it to her friends and elicit some ‘Oohs! and Aahs!’ from them.

Kaycee took Doobie out in the yard in the hope of posing with him sweetly and snapping an adorable picture. But Doobie had other plans.

Image: BothwellKaycee/Twitter

No sooner had they reached the yard, he jumped out from Kaycee’s cuddle and ran about the yard in pure glee. Kaycee caught hold of him and snapped a few selfies that turned out okay, but they probably did not convey how Doobie exactly felt about them.

Image: BothwellKaycee/Twitter

Then came to the picture that did so! That is conveyed Doobie’s true feelings. You need to see it believe. The photo shows Doobie in his fiercest avatar, what with the mouth in a snarl displaying sharp canines and eyes, a mixture of ferociousness and terror.

Image: BothwellKaycee/Twitter

That Doobie managed to free himself from Kaycee’s grip right after this photo is evident from the picture. He was angry because he was not too keen to get photographed, instead wanted to run around the compound of the house.

Close Look

Image: BothwellKaycee/Twitter

Though Kaycee uploaded this particular photo, she really didn’t mind it. She is quoted as telling ‘The Dodo’, “Usually, if I make kissy noises, he licks my face. So, it was really funny when he decided to give me that photo. He usually smiles pretty for pictures.”


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