Penny And Briony: Mother and Daughter Duo who create intricate, original, magical creations.

Penny and Briony are a Mother and Daughter who makes mechanical creations that look like they are floating in mid-air, or at times stuck in time! Together, they work from a home-based workshop to make amazing things from strange materials!

Penny is a mother and artist with over 40 years of experience in her field, and she’s been working from home for the last 10 years.

Penny Thomson’s work as an artist is based on her fascination with the natural world. Her automata are a celebration of nature, and she considers her creations to be living sculptures filled with life.

She began her career collaborating with Illusionist, Simon Drake, in the mid-2000s to create an automated diorama for his venue in South London, The House of Magic. This subsequently led to her happy collaboration with Laurence St.Leger in the making of her first automata.

From there She started making her own mechanisms and developing techniques to create fluid movement and characteristics of birds, bats, and sea life. This came together with her refined skills and knowledge of anatomy, painting, and using paper mache.

Briony is her daughter, who has worked in freelance marketing and management for several years. They’ve been operating their own website for nearly as long as they’ve been making automata—and now their work has gone viral! In just six months, they’ve seen a staggering change.

Their ethos is sustainable, imaginative, and innovative design with a deep passion for nature and protecting our beautiful planet.

Every creation they sell—from start to finish—is handmade and completely unique.

I am pretty sure that you’re going to love Briony & Penny’s creations. We know that these mechanical wonders are definitely on our wish lists! Check out their website and Instagram to learn more and see their beautiful work in action.

I was excited to see two women making a great thing and supporting each other. In the end, you can’t go wrong with loving what you do and supporting others.

I think the story of Penny and Briony provides us with a great example of what hard work and passion can do if you’re seeking to pursue your passions as a business, and it’s something that many businesses can learn from. The Internet is filled with opportunities, but giving up easily is sometimes the end–at least for those who want to turn their passions into a viable income stream (financial gain). It’d be interesting to see how a site like Etsy could help such an endeavor, though it might take some hustling.

Penny Thomson Kinetic Miniatures

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