Artist Creates One-Of-A-Kind Designer Rings That Everyone Wants To Own

If you’ve seen the movie ‘The Lord of the Rings’, you’d know the importance of a ring. Although what the film depicts is fictitious, the significance of a ring remains. It’s quite likely that Patrick Adair caught the idea of creating rings from this movie, though he may not admit it.

It all started when Adair laid his hands on a slab of carbon fiber with the intent to create something out of it. It was the ring that first came to his mind. This is because he owned a Dremel, a high-speed drill that can be used not only for drilling but for carving, cleaning, cutting, engraving, grinding, polishing, routing, sanding, and sharpening.

Patrick Adair The Artist

Armed only with a Dremel, Adair managed to create his first-ever carbon fiber ring. In the same weekend, he also created his first Kickstarter that people readily invested in. This led him to discover his passion for creating jewelry, specifically the ring. In fact, he got so passionate about rings that he started visualizing new and interesting designs. All this, when he was only in college!

However, making money from his passion was a different ballgame altogether. Adair found it difficult to sell his new creations through Kickstarter, due to paucity of time and inability to produce in large numbers. So, he switched to Instagram on which he showcased his creations. He started accepting commissions for designing and creating his one-of-a-kind rings for his customers.

Today, Adair spends the entire weekend creating rings from new materials and documents them by filming their beautiful designs. He also displays his manufacturing techniques on YouTube. In no time he started enjoying a large following on Instagram and YouTube.


Adair’s repertoire of ring materials is astounding. He uses uncommon luxury materials that include Glowstone, Niobium-Titanium Superconductor from research facilities, Damascus steel from Nevada, a fossilized mammoth tooth from Siberia, and even a meteorite from the Arctic Circle, and many more.

Adair handcrafts each ring and subjects it to rigorous inspection. So, it isn’t surprising people wait impatiently for his designer rings. Today, his designs have a viewership of over 200,000 on Instagram alone.

Patrick Adair

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