Painter Uses Reclaimed Wood To Create Amazing Paintings Depicting Nature In All Its Glory

What does a person who can paint just about anything do? Well, she paints just about anything! We’re talking about Faith Montgomery here, who claims to paint anything from cartoons to photo-realistic paintings…from oceans to stars.

However, Montgomery forte is nature-inspired paintings that she paints inside of beautiful cutouts of reclaimed wood. She places her paintings under Woodensense, which she started in 2015. She not only creates original artworks but also does custom orders.

It’s the color sense and realistic rendering of subjects that have brought this full-time painter to public notice in such a short span of time. It’s her play with texture and colors that make her artwork unique. Add to this the layers of wooden silhouettes and painted backdrops that make her works stand out. With every work, she seems to improve and become more creative, and her paintings more beautiful.

This Washington native was passionate about art since her childhood, but it’s only in the past couple of years that she took up painting seriously. She has no formal art training and is completely self-taught. It was her own idea to use reclaimed wood and bring it to life with acrylic paints.

Pacific Northwest is Montgomery’s ideal location for painting since it has mountains, forests, lakes and ocean, and even deserts. And she feels most inspired in the autumn season, which brings her close to nature and where she finds her creative juices flowing.

Montgomery’s Woodensense has garnered over 53,000 followers on Instagram alone. Her works are also displayed on many other websites.

Woodensense: Website | Instagram

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