Russian Cosplayer Thrills All With Stunning Handmade Costumes

Cosplaying took the world by storm way back in 1984 and is often attributed to Nobuyuki Takahashi of Studio Hard. This storm continues to blow the world over and the latest to join this wave is the Russian teen Olka, who goes by the name of Olkaaklo. If you’d noticed, the extension is the mirror image of her name.

Well, you’re certainly not new to cosplay, in which the participants dress in costumes of popular cartoon characters, film and television celebrities, video game protagonists, and other well-known figures. Getting a similar look of the popular character is certainly not easy and creating the same makeup and authentic costumes is more so. Not only this, but the cosplayers are also required to act the character to make it look more genuine.

This young girl from Krasnodar, Russia, totally immerses herself in cosplaying and how. For starters, she chooses to cosplay only those characters that are in her age group to make things more realistic. The surprising part is this young girl stitches her own cosplay dresses. Just sample the cloak she made from some non-stretch costume fabric for cosplaying Raven from Teen Titans.

It’s not only the clothing and dresses but makeup too that sets Olkaaklo apart from the rest. She imitates the exact texture and glow of the character she’s cosplaying by her makeup skills. However, at times, she takes the liberty of using Photoshop for the purpose. For example, the subtle glow on one side of her face while cosplaying Violet Parr from Incredibles is photoshopped.

From her younger days, Olkaaklo was fond of dressing up as popular characters and this fondness only grew when she entered her teens, turning her into a cosplayer. Being resourceful, she not only gathered her cosplaying dresses and makeup material but also made her photos on her smartphone. However, after gaining popularity as a cosplayer, she now uses professional photographers to improve the quality of her pics. One such photographer is Milligan Vick, who shot some spectacular pics of her as Raven.


That the performance art of cosplaying still thrills the public is borne out by the fact that Olkaaklo commands a huge following of over 121,000 fans on Instagram alone.


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