A Russian Modelling Agency Featuring Over 45+ Models Is A First In The World And Is Turning Heads

Oldushka Modeling Agency is a revolutionary Russian modeling agency that stands out from the crowd by focusing on the beauty of aging. This agency has made a statement by introducing its elderly models in gorgeous photoshoots, showing society that age should not limit someone’s potential.

In our craving for youthful looks, we have forgotten to age gracefully. The popularity of age-defying and anti-wrinkle creams, and other age-arresting products is a testimony to our obsession with a young and sexy body. Growing old for us is an anathema.

Take Hollywood actors and international models, for example, most of them don’t shy away from getting under the knife or using Botox or plastic surgery to enhance their bodily features. Glossies featuring such air-brushed models sell like hotcakes, promoting youthful looks.

But not anymore. A Russian modeling agency has distinguished itself as one of the first to embrace advancing age through amazingly beautiful photos of elderly models. Breaking the age barrier was long awaited since people have already managed to overcome the diversity in size, skin color, and ethnic features. 

The agency, which goes by the name Oldushka, is the brainchild of Igor Gavar, a photographer residing in Omsk, Siberia. It features models in the age group of 45 and above. The oldest model that the agency boasts of is a woman of the ripe old age of 85!

This old model movement began with Gavar’s blog called Olduska, which featured the style of retirees. It was not long before he decided to open a modeling agency by the same name. The first of its kind for old people.

In just a year and a half of its founding, this agency has caught the imagination of the Russian public. Most of Gavar’s models are women over 60 with only one male model of 45 years, named Sergey. He was signed up since he looked older than his age!

So, what has been the result of featuring elderly models? For one, the Oldushka models have started getting more work in Russia. They are now more visible in advertisement campaigns and catalogs. This has also opened the doors for the oldsters into the fashion industry.

Today, Oldushka boasts of four branch offices – in Chelyabinsk, Moscow, Omsk, and St. Petersburg. What motivated Gavar to opt for senior citizens, rather than the student crowd, was his desire to showcase the ‘diversity of the sunset years’, as he puts it.

Seeing his aged models certainly gives credence to the adage ‘old is gold, what with a dazzling array of styles that go so well on their well-groomed, lithe bodies. Their bright wrinkly faces exude maturity and intelligence that is all but missing in their younger counterparts.

Whether this Russian wave of featuring elderly models will catch on in other countries remains to be seen.

# Valentina Yasen, 62 Years Old

Image Via: O L D U S H K A

# Venera Islamova, 63 Years Old

Image Via: O L D U S H K A

# Tatiana Neklyudova, 61 Years Old

Image Via: O L D U S H K A

# Olga Kondrasheva, 72 Years Old

Image Via: O L D U S H K A

# Sofia Alexandrova, 54 Years Old

Image Via: O L D U S H K A

# Sergei Arktika, 46 Years Old

Image Via: O L D U S H K A

# Valentina Yasen, 62 Years Old

Image Via: O L D U S H K A

# Victor Sosnovtsev, 73 Years Old

Image Via: O L D U S H K A

# Galina, 69 Years Old

Image Via: O L D U S H K A

# Sergey Arctica and Valentina Yasen

Image Via: O L D U S H K A


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