Nose Warmers Come To The Rescue Of Those With Perpetual Cold Noses During Winters

Do you know what’re the most vulnerable parts of the body in the intense cold? They’re the extremities – fingers, toes and nose that fall prey to frostbite. However, mountaineers, who experience it the most, know how to tackle the situation and have the protective gear for it.

The Nose Warmer Company

Out here on the plains, there’re people who suffer from extreme cold during winters and protect themselves by wearing layers of warm clothing. What they fail to make cosy is their nose. A company called ‘The Nose Warmer Company’ was quick to seize on this need and introduced nose warmers!

The Nose Warmer Company

Yes, nose warmers do exist. This funny-looking piece of material sticking on the nose, secured by a thread of the same material around the head or ears, gives one a look of a dog or a cat but effectively keeps a cold nose warm.

The Nose Warmer Company

A nose warmer is better than a muffler because it allows one to enjoy eating and drinking without exposing the nose. What’s more, it comes in a variety of shapes, colours and materials. And, you can also get it in your preferred animal print or your favourite sports team colour.

The Nose Warmer Company’s caption sums it all up when it states ‘We love warming up the nippy noses of the nation’. These nose warmers sell for £7.50 apiece.

The Nose Warmer Company

If you think nose warmers make the wearer look funny, remember those without it suffering red noses look even funnier. Reason enough to go in for these nose ‘patches’ and save your nippy noses!


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