Mousarris: Innovative Furniture and Objects Beyond the Mind

Mousarris is a fresh, innovative piece of furniture to create living spaces with a contemporary edge. The mastermind behind the brand is Stelios Mousarris who is an otherworldly creator of fun and innovative furniture and objects.

After experimenting with various mediums and techniques, he has learned new techniques to create unique pieces of furniture that fit right in with the fast-paced period we live in.

Stelios Mousarris is an innovative designer who creates furniture and objects that are far beyond the mind. Born in 1988 in the small Mediterranean island of Cyprus, Stelios took the design world by storm at a young age with his nature-inspired Wave City Coffee Table.

Following the success of his first piece, Stelios continued to design and publish work under his brand Mousarris whilst also being commissioned for made-to-order one-of-a-kind projects.

His dreamlike designs defy gravity and logic, and his innovative approach to furniture design has garnered him international acclaim from critics and collectors alike.

Mousarris’ work is often inspired by nature and time-honored traditions. He creates furniture that seems to defy the laws of physics (in a view), and yet it’s so simple that you can’t help but want to touch it!

His pieces are meant to be enjoyed by all ages and backgrounds.

Take his Wave City Coffee Table, for example. It was inspired by waves crashing on a beach—but it’s much more than just an ordinary table. It illustrates an urban skyline scattered with skyscrapers that seemingly lift into the air and finally fold back onto themselves in a single, continuous curve. This piece’s inverted landscape uses the overlapping surface as its tabletop; it’s made from wood, steel, and 3D printing technology. The result is a truly unique piece of furniture that will transform any living room into something magical!

Furniture design can be a tough undertaking. There are plenty of considerations that need to be made when going into the process, such as what people want, how it will be used, and why you’re making it in the first place. Mousarris is a creative talent that has a demonstrated ability to produce innovative work that solves problems and stands out against bland, uninteresting designs. That’s something you don’t see every day, and it’s worth your time to check out what he has been up to lately.

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