Much-Accomplished Rope Skipping Champion Offers Training To Skipping Enthusiasts

We’ve seen dancers, fire eaters, acrobats, and the like perform at private events. However, it’s probably rare to find a skipping artist regaling the crowd at such events. This is what sets this incredible skipping artist apart. She’s Mira Waterkotte and an established jump rope pro, who’s truly in love with her sport.

Waterkotte is not only a master at her rope skipping skills, but also an expert at enhanced artistic elements. With her around, one certainly doesn’t need dancers, since she combines her routine with dances, gyrating her body to cool beats. Her many years of experience is quite evident in all her performances.

This German sportsperson took to skipping when she was a seven-year-old, an age when most children take a passing fancy to the rope. In her case, she fell absolutely in love with it and started honing her skipping skills, undergoing a tough training regime. By and by, she gained mastery over her sport.

Waterkotte’s strenuous training and dedication bore fruit when she became a regional champ and then, after some years, became the national champion. A position she retained for six years running! She went on to represent Germany in four World Championships and in three European Championships.

Waterkotte has performed in many national and international events. She also gave performances in Germany in trade fairs, such as Cebit in Hannover, Varietés, such as Gourmet Palast in Heilbronn, and for corporate celebrations, like that for Deutsche Bundesbank, and many more.

Today, Waterkotte not only performs on professional shows but also shares this talent through workshops in schools, sports clubs, and fitness studios. Her energy and enthusiasm are most infectious and her coaching skills motivate students to give their best.

Waterkotte’s tutorials are much sought after on YouTube and the net. She also has a sizeable following on social media.

Mira Waterkotte

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