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Baby Groot Flower Pot Is A Thing & I Can't Believe I Can Buy This Now

We all know about the movie Guardians of the galaxy & there was a character in the Movie called Groot. Though He is a fictional character & had made a big fan following but believe it or not the Reborn Part of "I Am Groot" in the Guardians Of the Galaxy Vol. - 2 is the one that makes the Groot Fans Go gaga. Peoples were loving all the merchandises with the label as Groot. Now, you can also have a flower pot of the Baby Groot & most of them looks exactly like him.

Baby Groots flower pots are available on the internet to buy. Decorate you home with you your favourite loving Groot.

Chinese Television Presenter’s Age-Defying Feat Of Not Aging For 22 Years Leave Viewers In Awe

Humankind has been searching for the mythical elixir of youth from time immemorial, without any luck. But, it seems a particular woman from China has found it at last!

The 44-year-old Yang Dan, has been presenting weather for China’s state broadcaster CCTV-1 for the past 22 years. What is astounding is there seems to be hardly any change in her appearance from the time she started in 1996 till date. She has remained ever so young, as wrinkles and old age sagging eludes her.

This uncanny fact came to light when a recent video of hers went viral on the Chinese social media that shows her presenting weather year-wise all through 1996 till date. She looks amazingly the same during all these 22 years.

The video showing this was shared by the weather program on the occasion of International Women’s Day and its caption read, “Many web users have grown up watching her show. They marveled why they have grown older but she hasn’t. What’s more? It appears she is (growing) younger and younger.”

The viewers were quick to label her as the ‘ageless goddess’ and were left wondering how she could conquer age and look the same in all the videos. Some people believe it to be a prank and said that all these 22 years of weather report videos were shot in a single day. 

Yang Dan, a native of China’s Hunan province, holds a bachelor’s degree. She also graduated from the Beijing Broadcasting Academy. In addition to being a weather reporter on the television channel, she is also the deputy chief of the public weather service center of the Meteorological and Television Center of the China Meteorological Administration.

It is not only her age defying feat that instills awe, but her string of awards too that impress. She is the recipient of the ‘Golden Microphone Award’, ‘Nomination for Hosting Works Award’ and the ‘Nomination Award for TV Broadcaster Host’.

She was also crowned ‘Miss Meteor’ for being the best host in the ‘My Favorite Weather Show Host’ national competition. She was honored in 2015 as the ‘National March Eighth Red Banner’.

Now people wait in anticipation to see, when Dan will start displaying signs of aging. As of now, this 44-year-old is going strong with her youthful looks and seems set to remain this way for years to come! 

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