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This Sculptor Recreates The Roman And Greek Eras With His Amazing Sculptures

If you marvel at the intricacies and sheer creative beauty of Greek and Roman sculptures, you will be surprised to find its modern-day avatar in Rick Casali. This 33-year-old gifted American creates the sculpture of such exquisite beauty that takes one back to the times when sculptures reined supreme. Not only is this talented artist an expert in creating sculptures, but is a well-established oil painter too. (more…)

You Need To Be Sharp-Eyed To Penetrate The Camouflage Of This Ninja Cat To Spot Her In Photos

If you own a cat, you would know that these creatures can do crazy things and unexpectedly disappear at times. New York-based writer and comedian Grace Spelman’s cat, Pierogi, goes a step further and hides in plain view. It certainly brings Grace to her wits end in trying to spot her furry friend.  

Pierogi discovered her new hideouts when Grace shifted to her in a new apartment. The cat explored all the nooks and crannies of this apartment and found places she could occupy without being detected by Grace. Each day, this wily cat tested a new location to hide. Grace was stunned to discover her cat’s ability to merge into the background and disappear.

This prompted her to post the photos of Pierogi on Twitter, with her hiding from view. As a challenge, Grace began to goad her followers to spot the cat in these photos. This caught the fancy of her followers. Ever since she has been posting several new editions of ‘Where’s Pierogi’ per week. 

This challenge has become immensely popular among her followers that it has prompted much more to join the search. What makes this whole thing so interesting is Pierogi’s natural ability to camouflage herself among the household items, making people go crazy trying to spot her.

For Pierogi, her white fur is a great advantage, since it blends with the white walls, light coloured clothes and other household items. This makes spotting her a big challenge. It is certainly a victory of sorts to locate this furry buddy hiding in different locations in the photos. One needs a real eye for detail to scan each and every inch of the photo to spot Pierogi.

This feat of Pierogi has given her the sobriquet of ‘ninja’, who jump impossible distances and land feet-first and also disappear from sight in an instant.

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Photographer Honestly Expose The Very Secrets Behind Those Wonderful Photographs.

Photographs with everyday subjects in ideal settings and surroundings fascinate us. We do wonder how the photographer took those perfect cinematic shots. Meet Brazil-born Gilmar Silva, who is a wedding and family photographer. He is as popular for such amazing creations as for revealing how this is done!

You will wonder how his portraits, that include a baby sleeping soundly on the back of a dog, a couple hugging each other in a tree-lined forest, framed by the curve of a leaf in the photo and many more of such incredible creations, came about.

Gilmar’s claim to fame is his ‘behind-the-scenes’ reveals. These reveals emphasize the fact that everything you see in his professional photoshoots is not for real. He shows exactly how he had ingeniously created the settings for his photo shoot by snapping both ‘real’ and ‘final’ photographs and uploading them on the social media.

Categorizing his reveals under the project named ‘LUGARxPHOTO, meaning ‘place and photo’, he asserts that his photoshoots are not simply the products of Photoshop, but of pains, he takes to get a decent shot of his subjects. His brilliant ‘behind-the-scene’ reveals have caused much excitement on Instagram and other social sites.  

Gilmar Silva: Website | Instagram | Facebook

Singapore Decorates Buses & Malls For The Occasion Of Diwali

Diwali, which is celebrated as the victory of good over evil & is celebrated in a befitting manner in north India. But, could you ever guess that this Indian festival of lights is also being celebrated out of the country with the same gusto! Hard to believe? Just check the below images from Singapore of this Diwali and see it for yourself.

For the second year running, Singapore is plying a Deepavali-themed train that displays some awesome Diwali artwork to brighten the interiors. And, this year, it is not only the train & five buses too that will carry this theme.

This totally Indian theme displays breathtaking Rangoli motifs, diyas(clay pots) and floral patterns on the walls and the ceilings. In addition, it exhibits decked-up elephants, lotus flowers and other Indian traditional patterns. Little wonder the pictures posted on the Facebook have garnered over 30,000 likes and comments.

This visual treat is the brainchild of Singapore’s Land Transport Authority, Ministry of Transport. The authorities plan to keep this artwork for the entire month of October, especially for Indians in Singapore.

A Facebook post by the Land Transport Authority states, “Celebrate the Festival of Lights with your own unique Deepavali commute this year! Our #Deepavali themed trains and station are back with a different by equally stunning decoration – featuring majestic elephants and Rangoli motifs that symbolize luck.”

Of course, the sizeable expat Indian population, that boasts of a predominantly Indian neighbourhood called ‘Little India’, is simply loving the importance given to their festival that marks the return of Lord Ram, Sita and Lakshman from a 14-year banishment.

Via: Facebook

This Man From Brazil Has The Best Reaction When He Catches A Dog Peeing On His Back

That was a normal day as usual for all of us. But there was something different on that day for this dog who got adopted for peeing on his future owner publicly. Yes, that's strange but it actually happened. Heinze Sánchez from Rio de Janeiro was just browsing his phone when a stray dog peed on his back & as expected he reacted in an outrageous way. The moment was captured on a near surveillance camera. However, the story didn't end here. (more…)

Uncanny Resemblance To Favorite Cartoon Characters Turn These Peoples Instant Internet Celebrities

It is certainly a wonder what people won’t do to get their 15 minutes of fame. But, here are the individuals who have been literally pushed into stardom on the internet, simply because they resemble popular cartoon characters!

Remember ‘Up’, the 2009 American 3D computer-animated comedy-adventure film? Well, its two characters Carl and Russel have been discovered in real life! So is the case with Looney Tunes Grandma and even Linguini from Ratatouille. There a total of 79 such characters who have found their living counterparts till the last count.

The real amazing thing is that people with similar facial features as cartoon characters exist. And they are getting noticed on the popular websites, such as

As someone rightly pointed out, it is the case of either the real-life people mimicking cartoons or the cartoons have begun to mimic us!

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