Meet Layla May Arthur, a Crafty Designer Making Art With Paper

Layla May Arthur has a knack for creating intricately detailed, epic paper scenes that make us wonder if we’re actually looking at real architecture.

The Netherlands-based artist’s carefully composed designs are rooted in her training as an architect, which she put to use by crafting the installation and set design of exhibitions, gallery displays, and public spaces. She focuses on the interplay between light and shadow in her meticulous handiwork, using paper to create works of modern art that emphasize storytelling.

Born in New Jersey and raised in the Netherlands, Layla May Arthur is a paper artist whose work has been exhibited internationally in America, Switzerland, Italy, and the Netherlands. Her intricate designs use cutout patterns on paper to create intricate worlds, which she then layers with shadow projections. She invites audiences to step into her shadow projections to situate themselves within the work, encouraging engagement with the piece and ongoing dialogue.

Layla’s work is inventive and passionate. She takes ordinary items like paper and scissors and uses them to create magical pieces of art. It’s a testament not only to her incredible creativity but also to her diligent ability to create such intricate pieces.

She clearly has a passion for what she does, which is evident by the effort she puts into every project. Her point of difference lies in her commitment to handcrafting works that are delicate, detailed, and tremendously thought-out.

Layla is a crafty artist who illustrates the importance of diligence and determination in the arts. Her pieces are visual representations of what it means to work hard and persevere through the challenges of pursuing a career as an artist. She is a prime example of how failure can eventually become a success with just a little hard work. Continue motivating yourself and working hard, Layla!

Layla May Arthur

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