Meet Andrea Love—An Animator Who Knits Her Own Characters

Andrea Love is an independent animator based in Port Townsend, WA. She is a former film student at the University of Washington who now works full-time as an animator and director. Andrea is represented by Hornet in the US and Canada, and Curate Films in the UK and Europe.

She is a visual artist and animator who makes beautiful, meaningful, and thought-provoking animated shorts. Her work has been screened at film festivals around the country, including The Tribeca Film Festival and the LA Shorts Fest.

Her films are available on YouTube, Vimeo, and other platforms. She also has a website where you can find more information about her work:

She recently graduated from Hampshire College with a BFA in film production and film studies. Andrea loves movies, so much so that she studied for her BA during her senior year at Hampshire College (2010). She then went on to receive a BSBA from the University of Texas at Austin (2013).

Her love for animation was born from watching Disney classics as a child, but she has since grown into a self-taught animator specializing in stop motion with needle-felted wool.

Her creative process involves using traditional animation techniques to create images that are both beautiful and meaningful. She has worked on several independent projects including commercials, short films, and social media ads.

Andrea loves working with talented artists who share her vision for creating memorable images that resonate with audiences around the world.

If you’re interested in a career in filmmaking or animation, Andrea Love is a great person to look up to. She’s got an undergraduate and advanced degree in film production, yet remains fiercely independent and does her work mainly for her own enjoyment. Her animation process looks wonderfully complex and time intensive, but if anyone can pull it off, it’s her.

Andrea Love has a unique process that allows her to produce excellent content that is just as effective as the big animation companies. We’re happy she shared with us and hope you enjoy learning about her projects as much as we did!

Andrea Love

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