MarLi Toy Art–Friendly Animals That Inspire Love And Kindness

Are you looking for some new toys to play with? If so, I have a great place to recommend!

When you get your MarLi Toy Art products, you’ll see that they are created like artwork. The animals are purposely made to be different from each other, and each piece is made one at a time by hand. There is some careful attention to detail they take while crafting these toys that you may not be expecting!

MarLi Toy Art is a Ukrainian toy company owned by Lidiya Marinchuk that creates designs and products inspired by animals.

MarLi Toy Art exists to bring joy and inspiration to people all around the world by showcasing the beauty of creatures large and small. They believe that each creature has its own unique qualities that make it special, and they want to share those with you through their products. MarLi Toy designs are made from 100% natural materials like cotton, wool, silk, and stuffed toys.

With over 200 different characters available on Etsy, you can find something that inspires you every time you open your closet door!

MarLi Toy Art is a fairly uncommon, interesting find. If the idea of having a pet bird or dog appeals to you but you can’t bring one home for some reason, MarLi Toy Art is an exciting way to experience that without harming animals. This might be especially helpful for people who live in apartments and won’t be allowed to have pets. They stress their care of the environment, using only natural materials, so if that’s important to you, this is an all-around great toy company.

I find MarLi Toy Art to be a great source of positivity and lighthearted inspiration. It’s easy to feel helpless in the face of bigger, weightier problems out there, but sometimes all it takes is looking at the world through a different lens—a lens that finds beauty in something as simple as a butterfly or a bunny. In other words, it’s okay to point out the positive every once in a while.

Make The World A Better Place, One MarLi Toy At A Time.

Marlitoys (Lidiya Marinchuk)

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