Italian Sculptor Uses Dead Trees and Fallen Wood to Create Stunning Wood Sculptures 8

Italian Sculptor Uses Dead Trees and Fallen Wood to Create Stunning Wood Sculptures

Here is a sculptor who has turned the destructive power of Mother Nature into something aesthetic. He is Marco Martalar, who was moved by the damage caused by a storm that ravaged whatever came in its path. He collected the roots and branches of uprooted and damaged trees and created stunning wood sculptures giving a fitting tribute to Mother Nature.

This brutal storm, that lashed northern Italy in 2018, unleashed winds up to 125 miles (200 kilometers) per hour and destroyed over 18,000 trees. Martalar, who is a sculptor by profession, took it upon himself to turn the destruction into something beautiful. Says he on, “Before, the sort of sculpture I was producing no longer made sense. So, I utilized what the storm had destroyed and given new life as art to create something new.”

Martalar’s first creation from the tree remnants was a dragon sculpture that he built atop a mountain in the Trentino region of Italy. Made out of fallen wood, this sculpture was his most magnificent creation. It took him 10 days to plan it out and one-and-a-half months to complete. Today, it stands proudly atop Alpe Cimbra in Lavarone, Italy, reminding all that something beautiful can be created from destruction. It comes as no surprise that it is the largest dragon made of wood in Europe.

Besides this, Martalar has created many other wood sculptures, such as unicorns, lions, horses, human and celestial figures. He uses fallen wood, uprooted roots, and dead branches that he finds in the forests and mountains, as also old beams and dead trees for his sculptures. He doesn’t buy wood.

This established sculptor has a workshop in Mezzaselva di Roana, Italy. Here he has also created SelvArt, a circular path in the Mezzaselva di Roana wood that hosts natural wood sculptures.

Marco Martalar 


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