Man Accidentally Flushes His 2.7 Million Diamond Ring On An Airplane Toilet

A Chinese man was shocked to realize that he just flush his 2.7 Million Ring on an airplane toilet. The male passenger surnamed Shen, dropped his two-carat diamond ring down a toilet on a flight to Hangzhou city in China on May 21, Chinese media reports.

The Panicked man had to seek help from the airport staff and fortunately they manage to find the ring after hours of searching.

The Hangzhou Airport staff walk barefoot in the sewage of dirty water for hours with metal detectors but failed to find the ring.

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until they realize that the ring may be stuck in the holding tank.

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They returned to open the tank and searched it with the help of a torch on their phone.

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Finally, the staff spotted the ring and managed to get it out. Mr. Shen, anxiously waiting at the airport, was so shocked he was unable to speak when he saw the ring.  

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Calming down, he repeatedly expressed his gratitude towards the two staff who soaked themselves in waste water.

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