Czech Indoor Skydiving Junior Champion Thrills All with Her Wind Tunnel Skydiving Routines

Maja Kuczynska got her first taste of skydiving when she made a tandem jump with her father. If you are wondering what Maja Kuczynska’s age was at that time, it was just 10 years! This experience was a life-changing moment for her, for she decided to follow in her father’s footsteps and train in the sport.

Maja took to skydiving like a fish to water. And why not? She has always been active and lively as a child. It may surprise you to know that she learned how to ski when she was only a 2-year-old toddler and became a gymnast when she was six. Not only this, but she also learned to ride horses, play the piano and perform in the youth choir. She did all this while shifting from country to country with her family. Her family was initially in Munich, Germany which then shifted to Paris, France, and finally to Prague. It was in Prague that she tried her hand at indoor skydiving in the newly opened aerodynamic tunnel.

Once she took to indoor skydiving, there was no looking back. She trained and excelled in this sport and by the age of 15, she was already winning awards. She became the junior champion in freestyle in the official FAI (Fédération Aéronautique International) competition in Prague, the capital city of the Czech Republic.

It is certainly difficult to describe in words the breathtaking skydiving routines that this indoor skydiving junior champion does. She floats like a bird inside the tunnel, twirls around on her toes suspended in midair, and dances, making beautiful poses up in the air. All this is accompanied by foot-stomping music. Her incredible freestyle routines have to be seen to be believed. The viewers simply get glued to her stunning and graceful moves suspended midair inside the wind tunnel.

Once Maja did her routine on Major Lazer’s song ‘Powerful’. It caught the eye of Major Lazer, who posted her video. Maja was so thrilled that she wrote on her Facebook, both in English and Polish, “OMG. Major Lazer posted my routine!!! So powerful!” Currently living in Wroclaw, Poland, she trains alternatively in both Wroclaw and Warsaw. She has been an indoor skydiver for about 11 years now.

Videos of Maja Kuczynska’s skydive routines are thrilling viewers the world over. On Instagram alone, she has a following of over 261,000 fans.

Maja Kuczynska

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