This Artist Captures The Architectural Beauty Of London In Pen And Ink

Most artists use a plethora of vibrant colors in their paintings, but here’s an artist who doesn’t believe in using colors at all. He uses pen and ink to create black and white sketches of London’s architecture in intricate details.

Meet Luke Adam Hawker, an artist, designer, and illustrator, who’s based in Herne Hill, London, UK. He not only creates these superb illustrations to satiate his passion for art but also makes a living from it. Why his creations look like those drawn by an architect is because he studied Interior Architecture and Design at Nottingham Trent University.

Hawker became a full-time interior designer after graduation in an organization that valued his drawing prowess. It afforded him a chance to hone his drawing skills. However, he also took up freelance assignments while in the job.

Hawker’s exceptional ability to draw the rich urban environment in location, using only pen and ink was immediately noticed. He remembers selling his first work at a Crafty Fox Market in Peckham. This acted as a great motivation for him and he left his job to allow himself more time to practice his art.

Hawker’s work is not easy. For example, his ‘Blue Plaque Door’ print required over 40 hours of drawing by going all around London. It features sketches of period doors rendered in pen and ink. He offers limited edition signed prints of his works online and at markets.

Such is the popularity of Hawker’s sketches that he has over 190,000 fans on Instagram alone.

Luke Adam Hawker: Website | Instagram | Facebook

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