Lily Mixe’s Sculptures & Illustrations Emphasize the Connections Between All Life

Lily Mixe uses her creative skills to illustrate the intricate and colorful creatures of the natural world. Each of these delightful works consists of soft browns, grays, and whites that are juxtaposed with vibrant shades and shapes that are often featured in nature. For example, in “Curious Collection” there’s a balance between the colorful patterns on a group of birds as well as their small bodies within large-scale drawings.

The muted colors also help capture a sense of peacefulness over her other graphic illustrations which explore complexity through black and white lines (i.e., “Dragon Flying Birds”). Using varied materials, Mixe continues to create visually stunning pieces with vibrant contrasts and delicate details.

Mixe’s work is rooted in human experience and its reflection on nature; she uses her art to explore how we connect with each other through our physical surroundings.

In her series The Butterfly Effect (2010), French artist Lily Mixe uses black and white to illustrate intricate patterns of beetles, shells, cells, and birds. Working in acrylic on found wooden boxes and furniture panels, she accentuates the lush motifs of scales, branches, or feathers in renderings devoid of color. Each work juxtaposes the artist’s elegant graphic style against the worn backdrops—which reflect a part of human intervention through splattered paint, scratches, and printed text—to reveal similarities and the interconnected nature of all earthly life.

Mixe’s creations emphasize the beauty of living things and her particular style is both elegant and striking. Her pieces are in many ways reminiscent of microscope slides, where each feature is clear and defined, totally unique, but still part of its larger ecosystem. Whether we want to admit it or not, we are often connected in more ways than we realize.

Lily Mixe

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