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The Long-Nosed Borzoi Dog Meme: The Story Behind the Adorable ‘Let Me Do It For You’ Internet Sensation

Every once in a while, a meme captures the attention of the internet and spreads like wildfire. The current viral sensation (Let Me Do It For You) involves a long-nosed Borzoi dog, an adorable pup that has quickly become a favorite subject for meme creators. In this blog post, we’ll explore the origins of this heartwarming meme and how it has evolved to entertain millions of users across various social media platforms.

The Borzoi Dog: A Quick Background

The star of this meme is the Borzoi, a Russian hunting dog breed known for its distinctive long snout. The breed’s unique appearance has caught the attention of social media users, who have taken to editing photos and videos of these dogs to exaggerate their already elongated noses, making them even more endearing.

The Birth of the ‘Let Me Do It For You’ Meme

This meme, also known as the “Didn’t I Do It For You” meme, has gained popularity on platforms like TikTok and Twitter. While the meme doesn’t have a strict format, it generally involves users sharing photos or videos of a Borzoi dog, which are then paired with an audio clip of Miss Piggy from the Muppets singing a cover of FKA Twigs’ song “Cellophane” to Kermit the Frog.

The Evolution of the Meme

What started as a simple showcase of the charming Borzoi has now expanded to include anything that remotely resembles the dog’s unique features. Users have become creative in their interpretations of the meme, posting images of objects like pencils or shower handles with eyes drawn on them to mimic the appearance of a Borzoi. This playful evolution has only served to amplify the meme’s popularity and keep it fresh in the minds of social media users.


The ‘Let Me Do It For You’ Borzoi dog meme demonstrates the power of the internet to bring joy and laughter to millions of people worldwide. The irresistible charm of these long-nosed pups, combined with the creativity of social media users, has led to a heartwarming and entertaining viral sensation. Keep an eye out for the next adorable iteration of the Borzoi meme as it continues to evolve and spread across the digital landscape.

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