This Artist Uses LEGO Blocks To Create Incredible LEGO Installations

We all grew up playing LEGO and know what’s it all about. However, Dante Dentoni artist has transposed this game into a form of art, what with his unique LEGO installations. Such is his love for the LEGO blocks that these still ignite his imagination to create amazing installations.

It’s not only Dentoni’s installations but his love for creating art in difficult places that sets him apart from the rest. He often lays the LEGO pieces in the cracks of broken walls to make them look as if revealing the colored-brick foundation. One of his most famous works, whose video went viral, is his intricate installations in the residence of a Miami Club owner. It showcases a stripper dancing on a pole and much else.

This LEGO master draws his inspiration from cultural artifacts of the past and loves what he does. For him, his LEGO art becomes fun, uplifting and transformative that can be felt by his viewers. Such is the placement and color combination of his LEGO blocks that the work seems to exist in a world of its own.

Dentoni, a former carpenter, finds this new medium of LEGO ideal to convey his ideas and expression. Little wonder his LEGO art embellishes whatever space he chooses to apply it in. His discipline and attention to detail as a carpenter comes in handy in effectively using the blocks. It also helps him in handling the complex process of exact measurements and working within the physical confines of space.

Born in Argentina, Dentoni remembers the excitement he used to feel like a child, the moment his teacher spread all the blocks on the floor. That he has still retained this excitement is reflected in his works. It comes as no surprise that this LEGO artist enjoys a fan following of over 1,80,000 on his Instagram page alone.

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