Kristina Makeeva’s Photo Creations Grab Eyeballs On The Social Media

The photographic images of Kristina Makeeva are simply out of this world! What’s most interesting is that she is not a professional photographer, but a hobbyist working in Moscow as an engineer. Just browse through her website, Instagram or 500px to see her creativity and her meticulous eye for detail in all its glory through the medium of these images.

Of all her works, the feather in her cap is undoubtedly her rendering of Lake Baikal, the deepest and the cleanest lake on Earth. The lake turns spectacular in winters, when it gets frozen over. Although the ice that forms over its surface grows to about two meters thick, capable of bearing the weight of a 15-ton truck, it remains amazingly transparent and one can see whatever is at the bottom up to 40 meters. Little wonder this 1,642-meter deep lake is considered the most transparent freshwater lake in the world.

Image Via: Kristina Makeeva

The credit certainly goes to Kristina’s creative eye to find the most photogenic features of Lake Baikal for capturing in her camera. Take for example some surface segments on this lake that reflect like a perfect mirror. The sunrays reflecting from its surface illuminate the surroundings in a surrealistic way.

Kristina saw this from her mind’s eye and captured some frames so alluring that they appear other-worldly. Her image of white cracks superimposed on the dark blue waters of the lake, visible through the ice with a rocky island at a distance, seems most appealing.  

Image Via: Kristina Makeeva

In another frame, Kristina has captured the frozen bubbles rising from the bottom of the lake like a bouquet of white daisies, while a man stands with his cycle at a distance on the surface of the frozen lake.

Image Via: Kristina Makeeva

One of her best photos shows her spread-eagled on the surface of the lake. The surface of the lake becomes a large canvas, painted in blue and white strokes, while she becomes its most attractive subject.  

It is not only this lake that has made Kristina popular on the social media. Her surrealistic portrayal of everyday places and tourist destinations, adorned by amazing settings and populated with people in various get ups and poses, is simply captivating. And so is her fascination with hot air balloons that make their appearance in many of her frames.

Image Via: Kristina Makeeva

Kristina loves winters and if asked about the best time to visit Moscow, she always insists on winter. According to her, despite the extreme cold, the capital city is most beautiful during this time of the year. She especially loves the reflections of the city lights that illuminate the falling snow and sleet at night.   

Image Via: Kristina Makeeva

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