Kiwi Artist Showcases Her Unique style of ‘Paint Carving’

While most artists use paint for painting, this artist uses it for carving! Confused? Well, Hannah Jensen, who’s based in Christchurch, New Zealand, has developed a unique style of ‘paint carving’ that has catapulted her to fame.

Jensen’s idea is simple. Using 25 to 75 layers of paint, she calculates the depth of each layer and employs printmaking techniques, such as carving, etching, and intaglio. These layers of paint provide the necessary variations of color, texture, and shadow. The end result is incredible images in negative relief that emphasize the texture and tonal variations of the artwork.

Hannah Jensen The Artist

Jensen explains her technique on, “I’m a full-time paint carver. I layer up boards with up to 70 layers of acrylic paint and then carve back through the layers to reveal the different colors below. It has a topographical effect and I enjoy emphasizing texture, using nature as my main source of inspiration.”

Jensen was passionate about art since childhood, the reason why she went on to enroll in Bachelor of Visual Arts at Auckland University of Technology, Auckland, New Zealand. She graduated, majoring in printmaking. It was this grounding that helped her develop her unique style of art.

Jensen uses only one tool for her craft and that’s the Speedball No.1 Cutter. She loves the sharp V-shape edge that allows her to cut intricate textures and detail to bring her works to life. And she’s been using this tool for the past 15 years!

She has created a niche for herself in the art world and has received many honors and recognitions. She was nominated for a Mazda Emerging Artist award, became a finalist in the World of Wearable Arts Competition, and was selected to present site-specific installation work at the prestigious New Zealand Fashion Week.

Among Jensen’s outstanding works is the Venice Beach she created in California for the ‘Kiwis in LA’ exhibition. She also held her dream show ‘WILD’ at Allpress Studio in Auckland, New Zealand, where she showcased large-scale animal works. There are many more.

The success of this remarkable artist, who lives by the adage ‘Living to Create and Creating to Live’, isn’t surprising at all.

Hannah Jensen

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