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Painting with Patience: Jim Musil’s Passion for Art

Meet Jim Musil, a talented artist who has found his way back to his true passion – painting. Jim’s journey to becoming an artist was not a direct one. In college, he studied two seemingly unrelated subjects – art and computer science. He spent many years working in the tech industry, but he never forgot his love for art. Eventually, he decided to follow his heart and pick up his paintbrush once again.

Growing up, Jim was surrounded by art. His mother was an artist and their home was filled with her beautiful paintings, drawings, and art books. It’s no surprise that Jim picked up drawing at a young age. However, during art school, he struggled with painting. He found it too difficult and unforgiving. But as he’s gotten older, he’s gained more patience and wisdom and has learned to love the process of producing a finished painting.

Jim’s preferred medium is acrylic paint, which he applies to archival-quality hardboard panels. His paintings usually feature the natural world, but with a hint of humanity added in. His technique involves reducing the information in a painting down to just what is necessary. This approach is evident in his work, which has a beautiful simplicity and clarity to it.

If you’re curious about Jim’s creative process, you may be wondering how many paintings he produces each year. Jim is a prolific artist who creates 1-2 new paintings each week. He charges by the square inch, believing that this is the most consistent and fair way to price his work. Every six months, he reassesses his prices and has been steadily increasing them each year.

Jim is also open to commissions, although he only takes on a few each year. He prefers to work on subjects that fit within his style and themes. If you have an inspiring idea for a painting, Jim would love to hear about it and discuss what makes a great painting and what the subject means to you.

Despite his success as an artist, Jim does not currently offer workshops. However, you can follow his work and stay up to date with his latest creations by visiting his website and social media pages.

In conclusion, Jim Musil is a talented artist who has found his way back to his true passion. His paintings are beautiful, simple, and full of emotion. Whether you’re a seasoned art collector or just starting out, Jim’s work is definitely worth checking out.

Jim Musil painter

Jim Musil painter

Jim Musil Painter

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