Jewelry Designer’s Jewelry has Eyes that Blink!

If you want to wear a real one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry, forget the traditional jewelry. Kt Ferris, an American jewelry designer, offers unique jewelry that’s simple, timeless, and clean. However, some of it is with a twist, that is, it actually blinks!

This 20-something jewelry designer, based in Brooklyn in New York City, USA, creates exclusive handmade jewelry. However, what makes her creations novel is her creative thinking that helps her fabricate original jewelry, including the blinking one. Little wonder these creations provide the perfect style statement to whoever dons them.

Ferris’ blinking jewelry has created a revolution of sorts in the jewelry designing field. The functional blinking eyes that she incorporates in her jewelry are sourced from old and discarded dolls that she buys from the flea markets. It isn’t surprising that this blinking-eye jewelry is quite eye-catching since the eye blinks with the movement of the wearer. She explains on, thus, “I believe when wearing eyes as jewelry, it gives you a sense of security like someone is always watching out for you.”

And it’s not only the blinking eye jewelry that has made Ferris popular but her honeycombs too. Sample her beautiful openwork honeycomb bracelet that can be worn both as a bracelet and an armband. Another one of her creations is the Drippy Ring 111 that curves around the index finger and appears to ‘creep’ towards the knuckle.

What’s most surprising is that Ferris does everything by hand, from hand-carving the molds to pouring the metal into them and carving out the final product. This makes her jewelry really incomparable since she takes care of all the aspects of production herself.

It’s no fluke that she enjoys a viewership of over 75,000 on Instagram alone. Her Etsy shop too is doing brisk business and it’s not difficult to see why. Her jewelry, incorporating crystals, spikes, and precious metals, is not only unique and beautiful but has an element of mystery too.

So, if you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry, all you need to do is to visit and order online. You’ll find her creations truly eyeball-grabbing.

Handmade Jewelry By Kt Ferris

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  1. A stunning and jaw-dropping piece of jewelry. The designs are very unique and uncommon. This type of jewelry is rarely seen. Thanks for sharing

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