Simple And Minimalist Creations From Everyday Objects By Javier Pérez Delight Viewers

If you want to see everyday objects being used most creatively, just have a look at the works of Javier Pérez, a web and  , and an audiovisual producer. His creative eye turns even an ordinary paperclip into a trumpet or pencil shavings into a treetop!

Not only this, mixing everyday objects with line drawings, Pérez creates porcupine quills out of nails, balloons out of grapes, cowboys out of tongs, sci-fi movies creature out of stapler, ballerina legs out of scissors, balloons out of bunches of grapes and so on. There are many more such beautiful creations in his repertoire for you to go ‘Ooh’ and ‘Aah’!

Identifying himself as ‘cintascotch’ on Instagram, this artist from Guayaquil, Ecuador, takes delight in creating whimsical drawings using only commonly found objects lying around in homes. Such is his imagination in using of these inane objects, it leaves viewers completely awestruck. It comes as no surprise that he has over 169,000 followers on Instagram alone.

In an email to the Huffington Post, Pérez tells about his inspiration. Says he, “My main inspiration comes from daily objects, the most common appear as the most attractive to me. I also look at many images of various artists every day. Everything inspires me.”

Pérez’s keen awareness of his surroundings comes as a boon to him since this brings innovative ideas to his mind. His mind is the sharpest in getting ideas when he’s either traveling on a bus or walking. He preserves these ideas in the form of sketches and then reproduces them using everyday objects.

His simple and minimal work has got him many awards and honors that include Anuaria Award in Spain and first prize the photo contest ‘Ecuador Positivo’ El Universo’ in Guayaquil, Ecuador. His works also figure among the top posters in poster contests held in many countries of the world.













Javier Pérez:

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