Japanese Artist Creates Animation Pieces From Everyday Items

Artists using everyday items to create art is nothing new, but this 23-year-old artist from Kyushu, Japan, does so in such a unique way that his art has become super eye-catching on the internet. This casual artist, who likes to be known as ‘Shinrashinge’, is adept at creating 3D pieces of art from whatever daily use items he can muster.

And it’s not only objects, such as paper cups, ashtrays or cigarette packs that Shinrashinge uses, but food too, such as toasts, snacks, apples, etc. He even creates from tobacco and ash! Most of his art is in the form of animation that he displays in a window frame using manual manipulation.

One of his most impressive works is the ‘3-layer Doraemon Cup’. It comprises three plain paper cups, stacked on top of each other. The outer cup has a rectangular window cut into it, the middle and the innermost one contains sketches. Once both the middle and innermost cups are turned, the sketches are displayed through the window. This creation alone attracted hundreds of thousands of tweets on Japanese Twitter.

Shinrashinge’s other works include turning toast into a storybook that is colored and covered with honey for Winnie the Pooh. He also displays his humorous side by spooning Pikachu, sprawled across ‘Poke-raisu’ and showcasing a Piglet cracker about to be drowned in a tub of fondue. Not only this, but he also shows his sculpting skills by carving beautiful patterns on apples.

He has over 67,000 fans on Instagram alone.

shinrashinge しんらしんげ: InstagramTwitter

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