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Cosplay Expert Possesses The Skills To Turn Himself Into Any Character

Jonathan Stryker, an artist and a hobbyist, is a cosplay buff. If you are wondering what ‘cosplay’ is, it is a shortened version of ‘costume play’. In this the participants, called cosplayers, wear clothes and fashion accessories to imitate a specific, usually a popular, character. This term was introduced by a Japanese reporter when he attended Worldcon in Los Angles in 1984.

Stryker, who defines himself as “severely creative, scared of lizards and a bit delusional at times”, is proud to be who he is. His aim in life is to upload as many cosplay photos to his Instagram account as he can to become the reigning king of cosplay!

Stryker may come across a bit crazy, but who’re we to complain? His cosplay work is getting popular by the day. On Instagram alone, he enjoys a fan following of 176,000. And it’s not that he has started recently, he has been at it for over a decade and improving by the day.

Stryker started out with Disney characters, when he dressed up like them, but soon graduated to doing other characters, thereby infusing something fresh to his cosplay collection. Today, he displays even more intricate cosplay skills.

That Stryker is passionate about his skills is borne out by the fact that he does not rely on anyone for it. He not only creates the entire costumes himself from a scratch but also does his own makeup, hair, nails, tattoos or whatever is required of the character he is cosplaying.

Not only does Stryker meticulously dresses up and makes up like the characters he’s trying to imitate, he also stresses on the right poses and facial expressions to blend with those characters to give a realistic feel. Have a look at his cosplay skills to know he’s the best in business.

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Genderbend Disney Week concludes! ✨ Next up, a glamorized Native American. From Pocahontas: Brocahontas! 🍃 I didn't edit this image at all, just added the standard color aura thing around the photo. I wanted it to be raw, unlike the movie. Pocahontas was glamorized in Disney but there's so much more to the story. Native Americans were ravaged from their own lands. Pocahontas was captured and held for ransom and then converted to Christianity to demonstrate a "civilized savage." A lot of fucked up shit happened in our past and I think it's our responsibility as consciously "evolved" people to learn from our past mistakes. Racism, homophobia and no type of discrimination whatsoever should be given room in our homes, schools, work places and moreso our political establishments. FAMILIES SHOULD NOT BE SEPARATED. Lend a hand to those in need and teach your kids or future families to BUILD LONGER TABLES AND NOT TALLER WALLS 🙌🏼 And with that, I leave you all with a Native American proverb that says: "Listen to the wind, it talks. Listen to the silence, it speaks. Listen to your heart, it knows." ❤️ I hope you all enjoyed genderbend Disney Week! It was a blast for me. If you'd like to support my work and see sexy versions of some of these genderbends don't forget to check out my Patreon 🔥 I'll be back with a new theme soon. As always, mucho love ❤️ #jstryker #pocahontas #nativeamerican #disney #waltdisney #waltdisneyworld #cosplay #cosplayer #malecosplay #makeup #genderbend

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Genderbend Disney Week continues! ✨ Next up, a bitch that needs a haircut 💇🏼‍♀️ From Tangled: Rapaulzel? I don't know 😂 Bro, it's fucking impossible making Rapunzel look masculine. I look gay af I know 😂🤷🏻‍♂️ Her clothes are all pinkish and even if I wanted to do short hair I can't cause it's fucking Rapunzel and it wouldn't make sense 😂😂 Whatever bro. Lemme look like a Barbie for once 😂 I've been feeling really good. Still hitting the gym extra hard and motivated to get shit done 💪🏼 Ordered some books last night too. Investing in your mental health is very important. I see many people struggling with it but not doing anything about it. My two best suggestions are getting some books like The Secret, The Four Agreements, The Alchemist and similar titles. They're hella life changing and come with so much wisdom and healing. Secondly, I recommend breaking habits and getting out of the house, ALONE. Go sit at the beach by yourself. Get some coffee and watch ducks at the lake, go on a bike ride, go for a walk, anything to break the routine. It's so healthy to spend time with yourself! That's how self-love begins to grow. Get out there guys! 😊 New and final character will be up tomorrow! Who will it be!? 🤔 Mucho love ❤️ #jstryker #cosplay #cosplayer #malecosplay #disney #disneyworld #waltdisney #rapunzel #genderbend #makeup #weave

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Genderbend Disney Week continues! ✨ Next up, the sexiest gypsy in Notre-Dame: Esmeraldo! 💃🏻 When I was in kindergarten, my brother and mom helped build a castle for a Hunchback of Notre-Dame play. And here I am as an adult dressed up as a genderbend Esmeralda~ 😭 Good times. Compassion is an underlying theme in the movie and something I'm now very passionate about. Regardless of how other people are, always show them compassion. Remember that how other people treat you is a reflection of how they're doing with themselves and their lives. Don't let other people's negativity change your heart. Forgive them and show them compassion anyway. We need so much more of that in the world. I've been asked, "if I'm such an asshole why do you still love me?" And I've always replied, "one does not depend on another person to feel or give love, love is just love." So don't ever be afraid to love guys! ❤️ Sexy version Esmeraldo is up on Patreon if you'd like to support my work, link in bio 🔥 New character will be up tomorrow 😘 Mucho love ❤️ #jstryker #disney #waltdisney #disneyworld #disneycosplay #esmeralda #thehunchbackofnotredame #makeup #genderbend #cosplay #cosplayer #gypsy

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Genderbend Disney Week continues! ✨ Next up, a merman from under the sea. From The Little Mermaid: ARIEL! 🧜🏻‍♂️ I hand painted that damn tail and balancing on that little fucking stool was a bitch so y'all better like this 😂 Thank you guys for all the support and positive feedback and I'm super happy you all read my positive captions. I started posting positive quotes on my stories in March 2017 after the biggest heart break of my life. I realized I wasn't that good of a person and because of it, I lost someone very special to me. I promised myself to never be that person again and since then, I can proudly say I'm a better person. Sometimes it takes you hitting rock bottom or the bottom of the ocean floor to steer you into the right direction. I'm really glad I went through that experience, I have grown more as a person in just over a year than in my entire life. My point is, use bad experiences to propel you into becoming better people. Learn from them. Life is always trying to teach you something. Listen. What often feels like the end, is the beginning 🌅 New character will be up tomorrow! Mucho love ❤️ #jstryker #disney #disneyworld #waltdisney #thelittlemermaid #ariel #genderbend #cosplay #cosplayer #merman #makeup #lasirenita

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Nintendo Week continues! 🕹 Next up, a classic. From Punch Out: Little Mac! 🥊 So he wasn't even in my lineup but my nephew Liam likes to play Punch Out so I did it for him 😊 Is it bad that I turned myself on a little bit? Little Mac is such a sexy mofo 🔥 I wanna get punched in the face by him 😂 Had to balance out yesterday's creepiness with a bit of eye candy~ This photo was only slightly retouched by the way. It's mainly makeup, lighting and gains 💪🏼 I've been working out really hard the past two months and it's starting to pay off 😁 Also, I took some really sexy Little Mac photos that will be up on Patreon this month, the shirt and shorts come off. Link in bio! 😏 New Nintendo character will be up tomorrow! Mucho love ❤️ #jstryker #littlemac #nintendo #nintendocosplay #workout #boxing #cosplay #cosplayer #punchout #malecosplay #makeup #daddy

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