Your Pet Cat Will Simply Love To Perch On This Hanging Rope Bridge

If you’re a cat lover, you’d probably be owning one of those luxurious cat cots for your pet to rest comfortably. However, chances are your puss would prefer your pillow, your favorite couch or your keyboard as its personal resting place, totally ignoring its comfy cot.

So, what’re you to do? You can go in for an eye-pleasing cat adventure bridge that cat lovers are raving about and cats are loving it. Once you introduce it to your cat, it’ll start preferring it to its other resting haunts.

If you’re wondering what a roped cat bridge is, here’s a run-down. This Indiana Jones-style cat bridge is the creation of Michigan-based cat furniture workshop, CatastrophiCreations. When it was first introduced to the creator’s pet cat, it immediately became its favorite napping spot.

The bridge is available in three attractive cat bridge designs and nine different lengths. This DIY cat hanging bridge can be affixed across the span of the doorway or another gap. It’s long enough for cats of all sizes to either relax or travel across the span. The cat bridge for the wall is sturdy enough to hold a cat weighing up to 72 kilograms (160 pounds).

Each bridge is handcrafted, using sturdy pine, paracord roping, twine, and steel. It comes with a railing made of rustic twine. You can also choose the more durable paracord instead of twine. The 3-inch high railing, meant for added safety, runs all along the bridge on each side. The bridge slats are 7.5 inches in width and are securely attached to two platforms on either side.

If reviews of this cat rope bridge DIY are anything to go by, cat owners are surprised at the excitement it has generated in their cats, who’re ever keen to lounge on this bridge, suspended in mid-air.

More Info: CatastrophiCreations

Image Via: CatastrophiCreations Etsy

Image Via: CatastrophiCreations Etsy

Image Via: CatastrophiCreations Etsy

Image Via: CatastrophiCreations Etsy

Image Via: nikidittmer/Etsy

Image Via: Courtney Fischer/Etsy


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