Indonesian Artist Who Sketches Photographs With Incredible Accuracy Is Wowing The Internet

Visit any fair or event and you’re sure to find an artist who offers to sketch you while you sit. This is what such artists do for a living and their sketching is not bad at all. However, what such sketches lack is variety, since everyone is made to sit in the same place and pose in a similar manner.

An Indonesian illustrator named Rudi does it differently. This talented artist doesn’t require any living person to pose for him to be sketched, instead, he simply converts photographs into sketches. Although these sketches look straight out of a comic book, much in the genre of anime, the similarities to the original are simply incredible.

With his deft artwork, Rudi is able to reproduce the exact replica of the photo together with accurate expressions. What he actually offers to people, whose pics he chooses to sketch, is an opportunity to get transformed into a cartoon character, good enough to be a part of a story on the pages of a comic book! And people are lapping it up, what with requests flooding in from people wanting to get sketched as re-imagined anime-style characters.

Rudi’s caricatures have a wide variety and include young people, both men and women, couples, babies and even cats. Although most of his sketches are simply line drawing, the specially chosen ones include props and detailed backgrounds. All his sketches are amazingly accurate.

Rudi’s main sketching tool is a pencil with which he sketches in black and white with shading. However, he also renders sketches that are splattered with vibrant colors. It certainly comes as no surprise that his popularity is hitting a new high on social media. On Instagram alone, he has over 66,000 followers and counting.


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