Incredible Music Of Simon And Edgar Of Supermassive Carry The Crowds Off Their Feet

Music sells, more so if the music makes the fans go crazy. The duo, Simon Aubert and Edgar Joly, are doing just that with their fantastic music, which they’ve been making since 2013.

Hailing from the south of France in Montpellier, this duo met while studying in a common film music school. What’s surprising is that both were pursuing different fields in music. While Simon was researching the field of hardware machines, sound conception, and interactive music, Edgar, who knows quite a few musical instruments, delved more into acoustics and melody.

It was a meeting of the minds for them, as they collaborated on several film music projects. From that time on, it was evident that they were destined to come together. And once they did, Supermassive was born. Today they create magic with their subtle mix of music in their unique style. While Simon plays the guitar and bass, Edgar plays the piano, drums, and guitar, and both are experts on the sound machines.

Hearing these multi-instrumentalists becomes multiple treats since their music is characterized by a mixture of several musical genres, like rock, electronic music, pop, and classical music. Once they started composing their numbers, they attracted a vast following.

In 2018, they released their first single, ‘The One’ on their own label, Rose Music. The music had elements of electro-pop, a heady English melody, a groovy bass, and some stunning guitar riffs. In other words, it was cut for the dancefloor. After this first composition, they went on to cut a couple of singles – ‘Reason’ in 2019 and ‘One Night Stand’ in 2020 – under their own label.

Their latest track, ‘Made of Gold’, debuted on May 15, 2020, and was hosted on the Big Top Amsterdam label; the same label that hosted the Dutch DJ producer, Bakermat. This track is a blend of acoustic and electronic music and will be part of the first album of Montpellier, scheduled for a year-end release.

The popularity of this duo can be gauged from their fan following. On Instagram alone, it’s over 121,000.

Edgar & Simon

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