How A Mechanic Turned Snow Graffiti Artist Became A Full-Time Career

Scott Wilcock is an artist who creates highly realistic scenes using snow spray. He has been recognized for his talent and is now a full-time career as a SNOW GRAFFITI artist here in the UK – creating freehand craftsmanship on windows, walls, and other surfaces with realistic designs that appear to be 3D.

Scott Wilcock initially started spray painting designs in the snow. He has now been doing it for over 8 years and is able to create a full-time career out of it.

Scott Wilcock was a mechanic, but he also had a secret: he was an artist.

He used to spend his free time drawing and painting portraits, which developed into using snow spray. He practiced spraying snow scenes on his own windows using snow spray, a scraper, and a brush. But in December 2018, Scott got a big break that would change his life forever.

He was working as a mechanic at the time and worked around his shifts to create his art part-time so that he could still support his family.

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit us all, Scott realized how his ‘secure’ job was in fact not as secure as he thought it was—and he knew it was time to follow his dreams and pursue a full-time career in the art world.

Scott showcase and advertises all of his artwork from snow spraying to airbrush art on social media but he also sells it through his website.

If you have a passion, pursue it. If that’s turning your art into a full-time career, do it! The amount of talent possessed by Scott Wilcock has blessed him with the opportunity to pursue his career in art and provided him with opportunities otherwise not available to those who don’t possess such talent.

Clearly, Snow Graffiti is a company to be reckoned with. Clearly, Scott Wilcock is a skilled team leader (and artist) who has learned how to run a business from scratch. Keep an eye on this one.

In the end, Scott was able to revolutionize his career through his artwork. Now he can work on what he loves for a living.

Snow Graffiti By Scott Wilcock

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