Harun Robert An Indian Artist Children Are Simply in Love With!

An Indian Artist Children Are Simply in Love With!

Harun Robert, popularly known as Rob, is a professional artist, and YouTube and TV personality, who shot to fame with his popular children’s DIY TV show called M.A.D. (Music, Art, Dance), which was aired on the Pogo channel. He is a trained animation filmmaker, who used to work in a Mumbai studio in India, designing animated content for children’s channels.

Harun Robert Art Journey

Rob, with his cool French beard and headgear, created the M.A.D. The TV show became so popular that people, locked inside their homes due to the pandemic, demanded its re-telecast, once it had gone off the air. This show was popular with both the millennials and the Gen Z generations. And it is not only this DIY for kids, at times he would also don a magician’s hat to make science projects more fun for them or splash the floor with paints to create 3D paintings.

This exceptional creative artist is an alumnus of the National Institute of Design in Ahmedabad, India, and the College of Art in Delhi, India. His years in both art and design institutes provided him with an ideal foundation and prompted him to set out on his creative journey. Along the way, he discovered the joy of art and craft by transforming ordinary materials into something meaningful.

How Rob hit upon the idea for all this, he explains on theprint.in, “I was working with an animation studio when I got to know that a TV production company was looking for an artist for a kids’ show. But I later realized that I also had to be in front of the camera which I had never done before. However, I auditioned for the role. As it usually happens, they had given me a script for an audition but I made my own skit for it and performed it. They got impressed and I got the show, and the rest is history.”

Harun Robert Youtube Channel & Instagram

In addition to M.A.D that Rob has hosted and directed, there are many more shows he helped create, such as ‘Mad Stuff with Rob’, ‘artguyrob’, ‘Imagine That’, ‘Magicskool’, and others. He has also created a YouTube channel called ‘MadStuffWithRob’ in collaboration with Sony Music. He is also a graffiti artist and has starred in a version of the music album ‘DJ Waley Babu’ along with Indian rapper Badshah. He continues to host workshops for children.

Is it any wonder that he has a following of over a million fans on Instagram alone!

Harun Robert

Instagram | Youtube

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