From Street Art To Land Art And Glass Condensation Art, The Innovations Of This Graffiti Artist Are Simply Mind-Boggling

Ever heard of Nazca Lines? These are giant ancient line art drawn in the Peruvian desert that is so large that they can only be fully seen from the sky. Unbelievably, they stretch across nearly 200 miles and comprise geometric shapes, spiders, monkeys all in gigantic proportions that can only be comprehended from space! And these are permanently etched on the face of the earth!

A similar attempt has been made by this incredible artist named Guillaume Legros, better known as Saype. This Swiss artist is recognized for two completely different, but unique techniques combine the features of street art and painting. One is his large-size land paintings on grass, much like Nazca Lines, and the other is his creations on condensed water formed on glass surfaces. The latter art being ephemeral in nature requires a quick finish and capturing in the camera, before it disappears forever.

Saype, born in Moutier town of Bern in Switzerland, is a completely self-taught artist. He began displaying his artistic talents when only 14. He started with graffiti that was popular at the time and soon earned a name for himself for his creative work.

Not content with graffiti alone, Saype endeavoured to expand his portfolio, including new kinds of art and experimenting with different mediums and techniques. His focus was more on the kind of art that was oriented towards the gallery. Soon, he started displaying his works in galleries, when he was only 16!

Saype claim to fame is his giant paintings on grass, a technique using paint that he pioneered. This technique is a cross between land art and graffiti. Although his work is so gigantic that it makes sense only from the sky, it is short-lived, since he uses biodegradable paint that he develops himself.

Saype’s original work would have been buried beneath the overwhelming diversity in the contemporary art scene, had it not been so outstanding. His pioneering work not only manages to remain visible in the ocean of all kinds of art but also has the stamp of originality.

Saype belongs to that breed of innovators, who works tirelessly to make certain that contemporary art is moving in the right direction through his original compositions of large land pieces and markings on condensation on glass surfaces.

That Saype has hit the international scene is not at all surprising. Some even speculate that the creative spark of this genius may start a sort of new artistic movement.

Image Via: Saype/Instagram

Image Via: Saype/Instagram

Image Via: Saype/Instagram

Image Via: Saype/Instagram

Image Via: Saype/Instagram

Image Via: Saype/Instagram

Image Via: Saype/Instagram

Image Via: Saype/Instagram


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