Great White Shark Puts the “Jaw” in Jaw Dropper

Tales about sharks giving fright to humans is one of the biggest clichés in real and fictional stories. Starting from the worldwide success of the Jaws film, sharks have become the biggest epitome of what is to be feared in the vast oceans. Who would have thought, however, that a real-life simulation of this terror can actually come true?

A video shot from the waters of South Africa recently became viral with its astounding footage of a great white shark encounter. In the mentioned video footage, a four-meter-long great white shark swam incredibly close towards the cameraman. A huge bullet was dodged, however, as the shark suddenly made a turn as it approached the cameraman.

The footage was able to capture the horrors that a great white shark can bring as its razor sharp teeth were clearly shown in the video. This added to the seemingly cinematic appeal of the viral footage.

Throughout the ages, great white sharks developed a “man-eater” reputation due to its appearance and killer qualities. This, however, is excluded by the majority of the scientific community who found out that great which sharks actually prefer to feed on significantly smaller animals such as fishes.

Great white sharks typically grow from four to seven meters and may weigh up to 3,400 kilograms. Its white coloration is known as its best natural adaptation since preys looking at it from above often don’t notice the shape of a shake due to its very light complexion as further lightened up by sunlight.

It is uncommon to see great white sharks along the coasts of South Africa due to its perfect depth that makes it easier for sharks this size to freely swim around and hunt for food.

Watch the video for yourself and share with the terror and wonder of seeing a great white shark up close!

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