Grace and Sensuality Mark the Bronze Sculptures of Chinese Sculptress

Salvador Dali, the Spanish surrealist artist, has rightly said, “A true artist is not one who is inspired, but one who inspires others”. This rings so true for Luo Li Rong, whose incredible woman sculptures capture all the womanly emotions so nicely that they’ve become an inspiration for others.

This artist-sculptress, born in Hunan, China, has the blood of a true artist running in her veins. Always passionate about art from her younger days, she attended Changsha Academy of Arts in the city of her birth, when she was only 18. Once she passed out, she enrolled in the prestigious Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing, China, and graduated with numerous awards. Here she studied ceramics under Lu Pin Chang and sculpture under Sun Jia Bo.

It was Rong’s love for sculpting that drove her to hone her figurative sculpture techniques that were used by the European artists of the Renaissance and Baroque periods. Her sense of femininity is quite apparent in her contemporary works. It comes as no surprise that Luo Li Rong’s art depicts contemporary Chinese culture with subtle hints of the West. It was her mentors in the art academies who taught her to perceive forms in space and transform them into bronze.

From this rigorous training, Rong evolved her own style to create realistic human sculptures infused with extreme delicacy and great sensuality. Her sculptures convey the grace and beauty of a woman, so stunningly depicted by her bronze sculptures of women in motion. These bronze figures strike elegant poses and their windswept appearance is so realistic that it seems that their clothing is being blown by a gentle breeze. However, it’s not only the appearance of her figures but their expressions that arrest the attention of the viewers.

Rong traveled to France with her husband and then moved to Belgium, where they lived for 11 years. Afterward, she opened the Luo Li Rong Foundry in Bologna, Italy. Various international galleries and private collections possess the works of these realistic sculptures’ artists.

Rong enjoys a viewership of over 215,000 fans on Instagram alone.

Luo Li Rong


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