GPS Goof Up Leads Car into River, Driver Unharmed

If you are not using your technical gadgets in your daily life and your GPS when driving around town, then you are clearly not with it. Today, people not only use the new technology on their smartphones and other devices but want to be seen using it. There is no denying that technology has made our life easier and way of doing things, convenient.

There is a downside to this technological invasion in our lives and that is over-reliance on them. This was found out the hard way by a man in China, who was so smitten by the GPS device fitted in his car that he chose to follow it blindly, wherever it took him.

If is to be believed, this slavish dependence on GPS led this man right into the middle of a river, while following the directions on GPS. This bizarre incident happened in Anhui, China on all fool’s day!


Once the drove into the shallow river that was rising fast, he realized his mistake and contacted the police. The police arrived but attempt to extract him from his car failed. Ultimately, it was a bulldozer that pulled his vehicle out of the river in a 12-hour operation.



Fortunately, the driver remained unscathed and was rescued along with his car. When quizzed by the police, all he had to say was that it was the goof up on the part of his GPS that led him into the river.

It really requires a certified idiot to foolishly rely on GPS as to land up in a river. It is fortunate that this man was not driving on the mountain roads or he could have very well ended up at the bottom of a gorge, as a result of the GPS goof up.


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