Google’s ‘Security Princess’, Who Prevents Hackers From Harming Google Chrome

Does the name Parisa Tabriz strike a chord? Maybe not. She is one of the faceless individuals working for the betterment of the global giant, Google. Google has named her their ‘security princess’ and made her Chrome browser’s head of product security. It is thanks to her and her team’s efforts that we are able to use Chrome without fear of losing our data and confidential matter to hackers.

In the internet world, there is one universal truth and the truth is that there is nothing that cannot be hacked, despite the tall claims of software and website creators. This is a scary scenario, because of the government, industries, individuals and what have you, rely heavily on computers.

Despite being so vulnerable, there are only a few instances of hacking that come to light on a regular basis. It is because of people like Tabriz and her team, who preempt the nefarious designs of hackers by preventing them from taking advantage of these vulnerabilities.

Parisa Tabriz is a hacker and computer security expert at Google, heading a team that is responsible for securing Google products, including Chrome. She is photographed on the Google campus in Mountain View on September 30, 2014
Image Via: DigitalNews.

What this 34-year- old and her team does is to try to hack Google Chrome itself. By so doing, she detects innumerable chicks in Chrome’s security armor and patches them up before hackers exploit them. And she has been doing this since 2007 when she entered Google and was given Google Chrome’s responsibility.

To be termed the ‘Security Princess’ both by cyber security professionals and the media is a great honor in itself, but Tabriz has gone one up to be featured in Forbes list in 2012 for ‘Top 30 people under 30 to watch in the technology industry’.

Tabriz and her team of 30 ‘ethical hackers’, also called white hat hackers as opposed to black hat hackers, are at it 24×7 to ensure Chrome provides a safe and secure browsing experience. In an interview with Digital News Asia, she said, “I’ve worked at Google for 10 years and my job has changed over those 10 years, but our mission has stayed the same: to keep our users and their data safe.”

Tabriz has taken upon herself to keep a step ahead of the hackers. She certainly makes us Chrome users sleep easy.

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