Golster Canary Mimics Beatles’ Hairstyle To Become A Social Media Sensation

If you remember the Beatles during their heydays, you’d certainly find an uncanny resemblance between their signature haircut and that of this adorable Gloster canary, called Barry. The Beatles’ haircut sported by Barry is impossible to miss! Little wonder Barry introduces himself on his Instagram page as: “I’m the birb with the fringe!”

So, how did this Gloster canary, that’s supposed to be a native of the Canary Islands through now not seen in the wild, land up with its owner? According to the owner, it was a result of a search for a perfect bird in various pet shops. The moment he laid his eyes upon this unique bird, it was love at first sight!

Barry belongs to the variety of Gloster canary, called Corona, that has a crested head, as opposed to the one called Consort that has a smooth head. However, both varieties have lovely singing voices, making them a favorite of pet lovers. Gloster Canaries are known to live up until the age of 12 years.

As for Barry’s age, the owner thinks he’s a year-and-half-old but isn’t sure. Barry loves to travel in his bird carrier and enjoys outings. He gets excited as a little child when visiting parks and fields.

It was Barry’s cuteness that prompted his owner to put him on social media. And, boy, did he create a storm! Today, he enjoys a sizeable fan following. Of course, the owner is leaving no stone unturned to present Barry in all shades and colors.

Barry: Instagram

via: Boredpanda

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