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Word Traveller Creates Arts & Use It To Promote A Great Cause

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The remarkable thing about art is that it has as many styles as there are artists! Everyone is unique in one way or the other. And so is the case with Anne Lovart, whose artistic prowess is a rage on the internet attracting over 100K+ followers on Instagram alone.

Although Lovart is pretty good at what she does, she didn’t sit on her laurels but did a bit of own research by travelling to 60 countries just to experience and imbibe the different art styles. This enriched her own artistic endeavours that are considered glowingly beautiful.

For Lovart, canvass is not the only medium, she paints on body parts too! Her work is as intricate as it is exquisite. However, she has not limited her art to impressing people all around but has taken up a cause that she promotes through her art.

The cause is to spread awareness about the almost extinct white rhinos. Says she, “They’ve gone almost extinct and it’s scary to realize they will no longer roam our beautiful earth. These creatures are so beautiful and people need to stop harming them.” 

The white rhinos have been butchered for their prized horns that may weigh up to 15 kilograms. This poaching has dwindled its population to a few remaining females and no males! A white rhino’shorn fetches upwards of $65,000 per kilogram, more than that of gold! To draw attention to their plight, Lovart drew on a statute of a white rhino to showcase its beauty.

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South Africa, where 93% of the world's number of white rhinoceroses live, they are killed more than a decade ago in a week. Poachers often euthanize animals, saw off their horns and leave to bleed. The destruction of rhinoceroses is caused by the enormous value of their horns. Horns of rhinoceroses, whose weight often reaches up to 15 kg, are a storehouse of useful substances. Prices for them reach up to 65 thousand dollars per kilogram, that is, above gold. @aquilasafaris —————————— Южной Африке, где проживает 93% мирового поголовья белых носорогов, за неделю их сейчас убивают больше, чем какие-то десять лет назад за год. Браконьеры нередко усыпляют животных, отпиливают их рога и оставляют истекать кровью. Истребление носорогов вызвано огромной ценностью их рогов. Рога носорогов, вес которых нередко доходит до 15 кг, являются кладезем полезных веществ. Цены на них доходят до 65 тыс. долларов за килограмм, то есть выше золота. . . . . . . . . .#носорог #носороги #сафари #юар #rhinoceros #rhinoceroses #safarisouthafrica #rhinocerosart #saveanimals #rhinocerosbeetle ##петриковскаяроспись #ручнаяроспись #петриківка #петриківськийрозпис #цветы #folkart #folk #flowerart #artukraine #africaart #ukraineart #flowerart #art @aquilasafaris

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Image Via: Happy Girl

Image Via: Happy Girl

Image Via: Happy Girl

Image Via: Happy Girl

Image Via: Happy Girl

Image Via: Happy Girl

Image Via: Happy Girl

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