Artist Paints Amazingly Realistic Dew-Laden Roses

He’s one artist who’s truly in love with roses. He’s Gioacchino Passini, a painter par excellence, who’s really passionate about this one particular flower and loves to portray it in its varied forms, shapes, and colors. And he doesn’t believe in painting these blossoms of love and romance in their real size but makes large-scale paintings of them on canvas.

Born in Fanano in Modena, Italy, this gifted painter is now based in Crespellano in Bologna, Italy. From his childhood, he loved roses and used his painting talent to create them realistically, so much so that by the tender age of 17, he had already held his first one-man exhibition in his hometown!

Passini’s strength lies in painting roses that look so real that one can almost smell their enchanting fragrance! What adds realism to his blossoms is his expertise in painting them exactly how they’re found in nature. He uses oil on canvas for all his paintings.

Passini’s larger-than-life, dew-covered roses, with soft and brilliant colored petals are a testimony to his mastery over his subject. Not only this, his eye for detail and his play of light and shadow is to be seen to be believed. The dewdrops look so real that it seems they can be wiped with the finger. Not only this, his rendering of roses past their prime with drying and splotched petals is something only he can depict in such credible details.

Besides being an accomplished artist, Passini is also a proficient violin player. He has a number of solo exhibitions of his works to his credit and these go hand-in-hand with his musical studies at the Conservatory of Bologna. Little wonder his works are popular on social media. On Instagram alone, he has a viewership of over 94,000 followers.

Gioacchino Passini

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