Photographer Honestly Expose The Very Secrets Behind Those Wonderful Photographs.

Photographs with everyday subjects in ideal settings and surroundings fascinate us. We do wonder how the photographer took those perfect cinematic shots. Meet Brazil-born Gilmar Silva, who is a wedding and family photographer. He is as popular for such amazing creations as for revealing how this is done!

You will wonder how his portraits, that include a baby sleeping soundly on the back of a dog, a couple hugging each other in a tree-lined forest, framed by the curve of a leaf in the photo and many more of such incredible creations, came about.

Gilmar’s claim to fame is his ‘behind-the-scenes’ reveals. These reveals emphasize the fact that everything you see in his professional photoshoots is not for real. He shows exactly how he had ingeniously created the settings for his photo shoot by snapping both ‘real’ and ‘final’ photographs and uploading them on the social media.

Categorizing his reveals under the project named ‘LUGARxPHOTO, meaning ‘place and photo’, he asserts that his photoshoots are not simply the products of Photoshop, but of pains, he takes to get a decent shot of his subjects. His brilliant ‘behind-the-scene’ reveals have caused much excitement on Instagram and other social sites.  

Gilmar Silva: Website | Instagram | Facebook

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