GHOSTKUBE – The Fascinating Interlocking Moving Blocks By Erik Åberg

Erik Åberg, a Swedish designer, is gaining popularity through his videos on the internet of what he calls GHOSTKUBE. He creates cuboidal sculptures out of plastic blocks that move. His genius lies in developing a system of interlocking cubes and making the move.

When Åberg was experimenting with interlocking moving cubes, he was not just aiming for movement of any kind, but the one that aped living beings. In a video on, he explains, “I was searching for a precise, and organic life-like movement, like a school of fish or a flock of birds. There’s something in human beings that when we see that kind of movement, nature, we’re drawn to it. I think we intuitively look for it.”

Åberg hit upon this idea way back in 2010 and established his studio in 2011. The first GHOSTKUBE was created out of wood and he spent a full year developing them. It was in 2014 when he started showcasing his work through his videos and caught the attention of the public.

A look at what Åberg’s structures are certain to enthrall anyone, but achieving what he has achieved is not easy. He started out with the basic building blocks of two to three cubes to create fluid movement. As he built upon them, he discovered hundreds of versions in the process.

Åberg’s ‘moving origami’ can be manipulated to change shapes in different ways. His cubes are designed to lock together and can be taken apart for creating other designs. This reusability lends it an added attraction.

If you’re under the impression that his creations are 3D printed prototypes, you’re mistaken. GHOSTKUBES are obtained from an industrial mold. It’s certainly fascinating to see his sculptures moving, folding, opening, morphing, walking and doing much more. He also offers video tutorials on how to make GHOSTKUBE.

What’s more, you can order your very own set of GHOSTKUBE that comes in cream white. The keystone, which is a loose single cube, is moon gray colored. On offers are small boxes and big boxes, depending upon the number of cubes you require.

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