German Tattoo Artist is a Cut Above the Rest in Creativity

When you think you have seen ‘em all, comes an artist who sweeps you off your feet! This is the case with Neon Tattoo Jülich, a German tattoo artist, who creates stunning never-seen-before tattoos. His exquisite finesse in creating beautiful tattoos is to be seen to be believed!

One look at Neon’s tattoos will convince anyone that he is a cut above the rest. His claim to fame is his amazing creativity. He is able to transfer any design, even a photo, onto the body part with incredible accuracy.

Neon has his own tattoo studio in Jülich, Germany, which he runs most professionally, taking special care of hygiene in these pandemic times. Once a client enters his studio, he leaves them free to choose the design from his vast collection. If the client has brought their own design, he is only too happy to oblige.

Now comes the tricky part, that is, selecting the placement of a tattoo on the body. It is here that Neon’s advice comes in handy. According to him, the placement will primarily depend upon the size and shape of the design. Another thing is the pain factor. The newbies should get it done on parts that are least painful. A forearm tattoo is less painful than, say, a shoulder tattoo. He does not recommend putting tattoos on hands or feet, since they fade faster and require more touch-ups.

Neon’s designs and rates can be seen on

Neon Tattoo Jülich


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