Greek Sculptor Creates Bizarre And Fearsome Creatures And Characters

George Tsougkouzidis, who calls himself a freelance creature and character artist, is master of the grotesque and the macabre. And the kind of sculptures he sculpts can send a chill down one’s spine! But the beauty of his figures lies in their details that make his sculptures simply awesome.

This incredible sculptor from Thessaloniki, Greece, did not come into this field by choice, but by circumstances. He was happily holding a job as a project manager in one of the successful construction companies when the country came into the throes of a crippling financial crisis. Like many of his friends, he was also given the pink slip.

This sudden break in Tsougkouzidis’ busy schedule gave him enough time to ponder about his future. It was with the support of his wife and kids that he turned to his childhood passion of sculpting as an alternate career. And there was no looking back. In no time he acquired the expertise in sculpting and his fertile imagination helped him create his unique fantasy world.

The fantasy creatures created by Tsougkouzidis are as varied as they are unique. His creations, showcased on Instagram and many other art websites, include ogres, monsters, aliens, trolls, witches, zombies, and pumpkins. All his creations are incredibly detailed and it’s really a wonder how he’s able to think up such creatures and characters.

Tsougkouzidis uses clay as a sculpting medium for his sculptures. Once the details are carved out, the figure is molded and cased in solid resin, and colored appropriately. Such real-looking are his sculptures that Hollywood science fiction and horror movie makers can certainly take inspiration from them!

Tsougkouzidis tells a thing or two on pursuing passion on his website, thus, “If there’s one thing I’ve learned from my experience, it’s this…do not wait for your dreams. Go get them. If you believe in yourself, appreciate the hard work along the way and constantly work to improve yourself, you’ll never be a failure.”

With over 50,000 fans on Instagram and counting, Tsougkouzidis continues to delight his viewers with his creations. His sculptures can be bought online from his and other art websites.

George Tsougkouzidis: Website | Instagram | Youtube

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