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The Amazing Japanese Art Of Fruit And Vegetable Carvings Makes Waves On The Social Media

You must have wondered in awe at the art of stone and wood carvers, but here is a Japanese carver named Gaku, who is making waves on Instagram for his exotic fruit and vegetable carvings. His creations are no ordinary bunnies or fishes carved out of ordinary greens, but something really out of this world that is certain to leave you agape.

You cannot but marvel at the intricate designs he carves on all kinds of fruits and vegetables. This incredible ‘meshwork’ belong to the traditional Japanese art of mukimono, that in English means ‘stripped product’.

This traditional form of carving caught on during the 16 Century in Japan and soon spread to Thailand. Today, both the countries showcase this significant culinary ritual. It is certainly a wonder how much fruit and vegetable carvers have refined the art of food presentation to such an extent!

Gaku is an established fruit and vegetable carver and an avid follower of mukimono tradition. His delicate work has transformed this type of carving into an art form. In just eight months after he introduced his creations on Instagram, his fan following swelled to over 100,000.

Unlike other carvers, the fruit and vegetable carvers need to be quick in creating their masterpieces, since the products are perishable due to oxidization. This entails the work to be completed within several minutes. Little wonder Gaku’s complex and elaborate designs on something that quickly decomposes add beauty and charm to food presentation.

Gaku only needs an x-acto knife to carve out the fruits and vegetables in such detailed ornate designs. For him, one of the sources of inspiration remains the traditional Japanese motifs.

So, what happens to the fruits and vegetables after they are carved? While other artists believe in preserving their creations for posterity, Gaku, on the other hand, eats the edible portions of his creations after finishing the work!

# Rose On Radish

Image Via: Gaku Carving Instagram

# Red Turnip

Image Via: Gaku Carving Instagram

# Carving On Apple

Image Via: Gaku Carving Instagram

# Carving On Melon

Image Via: Gaku Carving Instagram

# Carving On Zucchini

Image Via: Gaku Carving Instagram

Image Via: Gaku Carving Instagram

Image Via: Gaku Carving Instagram

Image Via: Gaku Carving Instagram

Image Via: Gaku Carving Instagram

Image Via: Gaku Carving Instagram

Gaku Carving


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