Artist Creates Adorable Framed Felt Wool Cats That Win Hearts

Imagine a cute furry kitten with large beautiful eyes peering from inside a frame. Yes, this is what Fujita Satomi creates to brighten up anybody’s home. What’s more, no two kittens of hers look the same; each has a unique expression, depicting a variety of moods.

Satomi is at ease creating all kinds of cats, be it tabbies, Siamese, hybrids, and many more. And it’s not only the face of the cat that peeps from the frame, some even have cat’s posteriors wedged in the frame with their fuzzy tail hanging out. All her creations look oh-so-adorable.

Satomi is not new to felt art and has been at it for the last 14 years. And her years of experience are quite evident in each and every creation of hers. According to her, felt art is not easy and one has to devote a lot of time to get it perfect. To complete a single cat frame, she has to invest around two to three hours to make it look neat and well-made.

In all probability, she hit upon this idea of framing cats because she owns two cats that have been residing with her in her home for the past five years. Her love for them drove her to immortalize them in the form of cat frames. Says she to Bored Panda, “…the idea of creating a cute family was the reason why I started making the present cat frames.”

Although Satomi’s creations haven’t received the kind of response on the social media platforms they so deserve, she’s really not bothered, as her hands remain full. She continues to get so many requests from all over the world for buying these cute cat frames that she had to declare on her Instagram page that she doesn’t ship overseas from Japan. Even in her own country, it becomes difficult for her to accommodate all the demands.

In addition to her immensely cute cat frames, she also offers a self-made wool kit and a book about felt art for those wanting to try their hand at it.

Fujita Satomi


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