German Athlete Offers Practical Tips for Warming Up, Running and Breathing

German Athlete Offers Practical Tips for Warming Up, Running and Breathing

There are many people keen on fitness but don’t know how to go about it. It is for such people that videos posted by Franziska Schoebel come in handy. This pretty 36-year-old athlete from Germany competes in CrossFit competitions and has many tips up her sleeve for new runners.

Although tutorials on warming up and running techniques are readily available on the web, some aspects of them are not. One of them is the right way to breathe on the run. Most new runners struggle to breathe while running. According to Dr. William Roberts, director of the Sports Medicine Program at the University of Minnesota Medical School, US, as quoted on, “The brain has sensors that detect reductions in blood oxygen and will respond by ‘telling’ the body to breathe faster and deeper when running. These lowered oxygen levels may account for the feeling of breathlessness early in your run, and this will be especially notable in those who are novice runners and/ or who don’t exercise much.”

Tips for Warming Up, Running, and Breathing

Running experts, the world over, have been giving various running-breathing techniques for years. However, these techniques receive a mixed reaction from runners, since these don’t universally suit all. It was Schoebel’s breathing technique, presented in a TikTok video, that resonated with a large number of people.

The video has been viewed millions of times. It suggests ways to improve breathing while running. In this video, she offers a two-step technique for breathing while running. She advises runners to breathe in for two steps and breathe out for two steps. Those with shorter strides should make it three steps between each breath.

Besides the breathing technique video, Schoebel has posted many running and warming up videos too that have garnered a large fan following. In one of her YouTube videos titled ‘7 Minutes Running Warm Up – No Equipment’, she gives out a set of exercises to warm up the whole body in the correct way. It inspired a lot many to run, even those not keen on running.

Schoebel has many running videos on the web and enjoys over 91,000 followers on Instagram alone.

Franziska Schöbel

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