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Chow’s Creative Take On ‘Popular Cartoon Characters’ Makes His Tee Shirts A Collector’s Item

Chow Hon Lam is a gifted artist, illustrator, tee shirt designer and surprisingly calls himself the ‘Flying Mouse’! His cartoon creations bring a smile to the face since he portrays the popular superheroes and other famous cartoon characters in a totally different light.

Sample this, his collection of cartoons depicting how superheroes and other popular characters would use their powers in sports will have you in splits. In one frame, he has Spiderman standing in front of the football goal post, which he has closed by spinning the web in the goal opening! In another, he shows Captain America participating in the discus throw with his shield.

Needless to say, this is creativity at its best. And Chow manages to transfer this creativity on to tee shirts. For him, a tee is like a blank canvas on which to tell a story and each of his designs do tell a story. Little wonder, Chow is in the limelight for his creations and has managed to sell over 100,000 tee shirts featuring his designs. A testimony to how tremendously popular are Chow’s tee shirts.

Chow, presently living in Kuala Lumpur, had started an ambitious project called FlyingMouse365 in 2010. Under this project, he released one design per day for the entire year. For this, he had to refuse job offers and other commissions, since thinking out a new design within 24 hours is a challenge even the best cannot handle. And to do so for an entire year calls for real creativity, not to mention patience and dedication.

Recipient of many prestigious awards, Chow’s talent has drawn a host of celebrities and high-profile clients that include Reebok, Nike, Air Asia Airlines, Martell VSOP, WeChat, Lotus F1 and Dave Matthews Band. Chow’s fans wait with great anticipation for his next burst of creativity.

Below Images Are Some Of His Creative Work.

Image:Chow Hon Lam

Image:Chow Hon Lam

Image:Chow Hon Lam

Image:Chow Hon Lam

Image:Chow Hon Lam

Image:Chow Hon Lam

Image:Chow Hon Lam

Image:Chow Hon Lam

Chow Hon Lam

Website | Facebook | Instagram

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Written by Deepak Mehla

Graphics Designer, Seeking A Job.

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